My Story


I have only just recently realized that my initials are the beginning of love. While there are many words that start with these two letters, I am choosing to focus on love! In first grade I wrote about my future plans. Even at six I knew that I would be a teacher and an artist–I already knew that I loved both of those ways of being.

For the past thirty years, I have been a teacher. I am currently a fourth grade teacher, but I started my career as a special educator and I was also a classroom teacher in second grade for five years. Throughout my journey as an educator, I have also taught preschoolers and graduate students. Each classroom has had magical happenings. Teaching the Zentangle Method® is my newest love! Currently, I teach this to my students every day as part of our warm-up activities. I am looking forward to continuing to share this creative way of meeting oneself in the moment in all sorts of places and spaces.

As a child, there was little I loved more than a new box of crayons. Hours melted away as I colored and drew to my heart’s content. Drawing–and coloring–continue to be wonderful ways to create. In college, I became a potter. Initially, throwing was a challenging skill for me so I compensated by learning how to alter shapes and work with surface design. More recently, I have found a love for oil painting. Many of my paintings appear to be abstract, but are really close-up views of tree bark. I also enjoy photography! Sometimes I use my photos as references for artwork–other times they are the artwork. The stringing of words together to create poems and paragraphs also fills my soul. Part of the name ‘Turning True Studios’ comes from my turning toward all of these various art forms as interest and time permit to find what is true in a given moment. And, in each, I do find love.

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