Birds I View


Sometimes I stand where I am and wonder how I got here. Recently, I got one answer to that question.

Holiday clean up was underway and I was putting an old dish away into my great grandmother’s china cabinet. I walk by this piece of furniture many times every day–but rarely do I look inside to notice the pretties held within. On this day, my eye caught on a small plate. I pulled it out and realized that this plate was, perhaps, one of the main markers on my artistic journey.

img_3524I remember when this china cabinet was not at my house. And the pretties inside lived in other houses too. My great grandmother had many of these things and one day, when I was around eight, she said I could pick one thing that could someday be mine. I did not hesitate. I wanted the blue plate with the white birds. I love how the birds cover the plate and make their own design and the contrast of the white and blue–though, at eight, I probably would have just told you that I loved it. It has been mine for decades, but I did not appreciate that it illustrated my artistic view, even all those years ago, until it caught my eye that day not so long ago.

I have had fun drawing birds on my own ‘china’ this month and look forward to continued creating from this now space that also shares space from a long time ago.


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