A Year of Challenges


Last January, I decided that I would participate in the weekly ‘Diva Challenge’ created by CZT Laura Harms. Mondays quickly became days of anticipation as I looked forward to finding a moment to check in on her blog to see what the week’s task held in store for my tangling practice. The days following lent themselves to not only creating my response, but also to appreciate the responses of a wide community of artists.

As I ponder the end of one year and the beginning of the next, I think that this may be one of the few resolutions that I have ever kept–and I am sure that it has been the most enjoyable! Setting all of these small works out together was an act of holding the year–embracing what has been as a whole through each singular piece. This tile was created in Canada, that one during the blizzard, this one as I celebrated and another as I mourned. All, snapshots of beauty. Some I posted, others I did not. All, I learned from.

I am grateful.

I will take this practice into 2017–a year I am entering with trepidation A year, where minding my moments and finding time for beauty seem to be more important than ever as a way to be in the world.

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