ZenVocation 11

I love the balance of dark, light, and shading in the tile I received this week. Beautiful!


This week we go back to our roots…”Poke Root’ that is!
This is a fun tangle that reminds me of cherries or lollipops depending on the day. As with the others, there are so many variations…
You can color in the sticks or the circles. You can fill in the spaces in between with a solid color or another tangle. They can grow from the bottom or the top. Experiment and see what you like!



Remember to email me a picture of your creation from this week or an earlier week at turningtruestudios@gmail.com so a virtual mosaic can be posted for all to enjoy!

***All tangles and step outs are official Zentangle-original tangles that can be found at zentangle.com as well as through links at tanglepatterns.com

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