ZenVocation 9

Week 9


Here is the tile I received this week. It combines elements from several of the recent weeks. I really like the scallop along the edge and the dimensionality of Gneiss and Meer.

Pictures of tiles are the best kind of mail!

One of my favorite components of tangles is their versatility! The step outs for a tangle make it easy to create and provide a clear path to make a beautiful pattern…AND, rather like snowflakes, there are numerous ways to shift that pattern through changes in size, shading, and design.

This week we are going to revisit one of my favorites…’Nzeppel’!
When it was presented earlier, it was based on a grid. Squares were cut by diagonals to make triangles which then provided the structure for the ‘squashy eggs’ in this tangle.

While that is lovely, it is not the only way to work with this pattern.
Instead of using a grid, random angular lines that intersect can be the foundation. In my model, I used triangles and individual lines to created a variety of spaces—triangles, and other polygons. The sizes of the open spaces vary as well.

No diagonals are needed when it is done this way. The ‘squashy egg’s still touch the edges of the spaces they fill and I find the end effect to be more like a patio and less like lace—and just as interesting and beautiful.

The shading for both is similar. I tend to shade in a bit of a ‘c’ shape around a side and bottom of the egg shape keeping the direction fairly consistent across the pattern.



Remember to email me a picture of your creation from this week or an earlier week at turningtruestudios@gmail.com so a virtual mosaic can be posted for all to enjoy!

***All tangles and step outs are official Zentangle-original tangles that can be found at zentangle.com as well as through links at tanglepatterns.com

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