ZenVocation 7

Week 7

For Week 6, we worked with shading to add dimensionality. This week, we will add some drama! Filling in spaces with more ink can add an element of contrast to your tiles that works to enhance everything. That’s nice you say…

Actually, that’s ‘Gneiss’!

For Week 7, ‘Gneiss’ will be our focus. I like this tangle because it works in a round space and it is dramatic.


It does not matter how many ‘spokes’ you make from the center dot. I would, however, make the spaces big enough that you can divide them in half when you make the triangle shape in step 3.

You can color the alternating spaces in with black as is shown in the model. Or you can color them in with pencil—or, tangle in them. Your choice!

Remember to email me a picture of your creation from this week or an earlier week at turningtruestudios@gmail.com so a virtual mosaic can be posted for all to enjoy!

***All tangles and step outs are official Zentangle-original tangles that can be found at zentangle.com as well as through links at tanglepatterns.com

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