Joined Together



The theme for The Diva Challenge this week is the Olympics. I like circles and I like connections–but I could not find a tangle that would give me the effect I was looking for. So, this is a modification of Bales with a grid of dots rather than lines. I found that if I made an aura of the petal shape created with Bales and extended the line on each end a little bit I could get some semblance of interlocking rings.

I learned today that the motto for the Olympics is ‘faster, higher, stronger’. It has been fun to watch the athletes of the world bring their speed, height, and strength to these games. I added the word ‘together’ to my rings as the best part of the Olympics, for me, is seeing the connections between athletes from all over the world and the camaraderie in the midst of the competitions. I know there are rivalries, but with the blatant divisions evidenced in our country at the moment, it is heartening to see so many examples of togetherness and respect within such a diverse community.


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