Looking Down, Seeing Up

I left the house Sunday morning to see the sights–marsh, flowers, birds, beach. And they were there just as I had expected. Jekyll Island is a beautiful place to be in all seasons. I took a few pictures and headed back for breakfast.

As I pedaled up to the house, I noticed a large puddle near the driveway. On closer look I saw within the tall trees and sapphire blue sky breaking through what had been a cloudy start to the day. The road surface glittering through the water became part of the picture I was seeing and reminded me of stars. And I was brought once more to the knowing of stars and how they shine all through the day even though we can not see them. There are so many things that can not be readily seen in my daily view when I get too locked in to what I expect to see, or what I am tasked with seeing. So many things that could enhance my view if I remember to keep my eyes open.

Looking down–seeing up. Seeing both in an ordinary puddle of stars.


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