ZenVocation~Week 2

Here are the tiles I received this week! Thanks for sending them along!

IMG_3375                  IMG_0543

These tangles are so versatile. The shading really changes how they look. It is so much fun to see what people create!

I chose to introduce the tangle Patena for Week 1, in part, because it sets up for one of my favorite tangles: ‘Nzeppel. You will notice that the beginning grid is the same.

I have put ‘Nzeppel on bowls, chairs, rocks, trays, and even a pumpkin or two!

This week, make a string of some sort (if you are stuck, you can choose another letter or stick with N or Z). You can also do a monotangle—which is to create a piece using only one tangle. I sometimes like to do this when I am just learning a new tangle.

FullSizeRender 3 copy 3

When shading ‘Nzeppel, you can shade around the entire shape. You can also shade each ‘squashy egg’ shape within the grid. I tend to shade about half of each egg and typically keep the shading consistent across the section of the tangle, but you might experiment with doing that differently.

Remember to turn your tile as you work so that your hand is more at ease.

Please email me a picture of your creation to be included next week at  turningtruestudios@gmail.com

***All tangles and step outs are official Zentangle-original tangles that can be found at zentangle.com as well as through links at tanglepatterns.com

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