A Stretching Day

Today has been a stretching day.

As August is upon us, these summer days become more precious as their quantity shortens. Already, I am dreaming (or lying awake thinking) of school and how I will set up my new classroom and the subject matter that will fill my days–and hopefully my students’ minds. There will be lots of stretching days. It is easy to meet them with anxiety and to further reduce these summer days by giving way to the fears and uncertainty.

But, today has been a stretching day that points in another direction. A direction that I can follow if I so choose. If I am willing to choose resources, focus, and timing.

I went to the pottery studio this morning to make jars with lids. I took a model with me that I had made many years ago. The jars were simple. The lids, not so much. I could not tell by looking at the one I brought how I made it. I centered the clay and hoped that my hands would remember what my mind did not. When that didn’t work, I realized that I could find a ‘youtube’ video of how to make lids. Watching the video did jog my memory and I was able to throw lids for my jars. Resources abound. I just need to be willing to look for them.

The challenge this week presented a new tangle to learn (Knightstar by D. Lamothe). It is what is commonly referred to as a focus tangle. It is easy to get turned around with a wandering mind. I found that I had to count aloud each line of the grid as I worked it and visualize where the lines would be. Focus matters.

IMG_6516FullSizeRender 4This is not new learning–just a timely reminder. Anxiety now will not help the beginning of the school year to be easier. Remembering to access resources and focus on the task at hand will.

Hopefully, the reminders gleaned today will allow me to stretch out the remaining days of summer so that I greet the new year with less angst and more presence.



4 thoughts on “A Stretching Day

  1. Apparently your counting focus worked because it looks wonderful. I love the white on dark and it doesn’t look like your mind wandered at all. I may have to try just that, since this poor old wandering mind got completely turned around. Just need to go back again and take my time and practice. Great looking tile!

  2. Thanks! I literally had to say ‘one, two, three, corner’ and then had to spin the tile and imagine the lines to get the ‘petal’ shape and not a U! I look forward to trying this one again.

  3. Oh, I can relate to your experience. I made a mess of more than one because I don’t focus sometimes. I finally just had to shut down the internal clutter to get it right. I like what you did with this tangle. Good luck in the upcoming school year. It always works out in the end.

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