beginning endings

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I am great at starting things–art projects, books, diets, closet overhauls… Starting is full of energy and promise. Starting is easy. Finishing, however, is often more difficult. I tend to get caught up in too many details or distracted by the next thing I want to start.

The ‘diva’ challenge for the week was to find a tile from an earlier time and add to it. It was not too hard for me to find one that had been started–but not finished. This tile is special because it was started one year ago this week in Providence, Rhode Island at CZT training.

I enjoyed beginning this tile again to bring it to completion. Perhaps, what I need to do is to change my words about my process. If I am more attracted to beginnings, then viewing each step of a project or process as a new beginning may just move me along the way toward tying up some of those loose ends that keep me in a perpetual state of ‘half done’–and bring a fresh start to all that I do.



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