This week has been all about ‘layers.’ These beauties began in the hen house and then a swarm of little boys layered on color after color to create this rainbow of eggs. My role was to pass the cups of color to the youngest and wonder how we might remove the dye from all of the non-egg surfaces. When I have participated in this activity in the past, I considered the colors, how long to leave an egg in to get just the desired hue, and what other colors could be added to compliment the first. These five moved with speed and confidence–a layer for me to consider adding to my process for sure!

IMG_1002With fourteen people at the beach for a week–three generations from just past one to nearly eighty–there are layers upon layers. Memory and tradition, stories and now. We add the layer of each of these days and this week to our individual and collective experiences and we peel back the layers from what has come before to reflect and revisit on what has brought us to this space.


With the variations in weather we have worn layers as well, to protect against wind, sun, and bugs…And these remind me of the unseen layers that we put on and shed as the need for protection and connection arise. For myself, I can say that I am dressing lightly with this group–though I did consider an apron when the egg dye came out!

All of the reflecting on layers began with the Diva’s Challenge this week. CZT Christine Reiter invited tanglers to begin with a small tile and then create with layers of tiles. I am in Jekyll Island this week–sea turtle country. So, I sketched and snipped and layered tiles and colors to create this piece–this peace–in this space this week.Version 2

From eggs, to clothing, to turtles and tiles. This is a week I will long carry with me! A layered look within. I always find that the ‘weekly challenge’ broadens far beyond one tile.



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