time and attention

This week the challenge was to learn a new tangle–Rautyflex by Kathrin Bendel. It is called a ‘high focus’ tangle because it is very easy to become ‘tangled’ up in this tangle! I had a bit of beginner’s luck with my first attempt (perhaps because I was really paying attention to where the lines joined and turned). Then, I really struggled with my next few tiles–my diagonal lines were flipped and I got confused about where other lines belonged within the pattern. It took time–and a high degree of focus–to sort it out and find the structure of this tangle. Now, I understand. And, I am grateful for the missteps!

Without the challenges of this challenge, I would not have been re-minded of the value in really getting to know something–or someone–as new in each moment. Too often, I move quickly in my thoughts and actions and feel that one time of ‘getting it right’ means that I know all that I need to to be successful. This tangle presents so much opportunity for variation and beauty. All that is required is a little time and attention–and, a willingness to take both of those without relying on what I believe I already know.

IMG_6504Three variations on Rautyflex. The options are never-ending!


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