Rings Running Round


One of my favorite things to do in the summer on the shores of Lake Superior is to find rocks–impossibly smooth, deeply varied, magical rocks–that have rings running round them. Then, in a space where time does not matter, I play. I join the lines on one perfectly polished rock with the lines on another–the rocks relating to create a new ring running round.

Making connections is at the heart of life. Be it with myself as I string rocks together on a spacious beach, or, as I share a meal with the people I am blessed to have in my life. Connections with those I already love–and those whose names I will never know. They all matter in this space and time.

Just as with the rocks–all that is needed to connect is a moment–and an interest in really seeing what is there. On the beach there are millions of rocks. They can be little more than a surface for walking or standing to gaze out at the vast waters beyond. With a moment and an interest though, they become a treasure trove of possibilities. The choice is mine. Will I walk through my days on the surface? –or, take the time to connect by taking just a moment to see the rings running around.



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