Tiles Through Time


This week’s challenge was to go back to a tile from the past and create a new tile using the same string and tangles in order to see a progression in skills and style over time. The top square is the second tile I ever created. On the back is a number 2 and the date, January 9, 2012.

The string is a lowercase ‘e’–which I find to be among the happiest letters in the alphabet. It was also a string that I knew would be easy for me to replicate. The tangles are ones that I continue to regularly use. What really strikes me between the two tiles is what a difference shading makes in creating diversity and interest in the different sections of the tile.

My grandmother used to say that things would be boring if everyone liked vanilla ice cream the best. The shading certainly adds more flavor to the second tile!

Last week, we celebrated the hundredth day of school and the kiddos enjoyed identifying all the things they can do now that they could not do–or not do as well–100 days ago when the school year began. It is important to celebrate where we are, and one really powerful way to do that is by taking a close look at where we once were.

2 thoughts on “Tiles Through Time

  1. Both tiles are nicely done with a good sense of composition, but the depth that you have put into the revision really sets it off nicely. Very well done!

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