I love to take photographs. My computer is brim full with images from many years and places. Another of my goals for 2016 is to go back through them, pull out some of my favorites and give them a life beyond sitting unseen in a computer file.

Seeing is a sense so often used that the sights can be taken for granted. One early morning last summer found me wandering about the docks in Rhode Island captivated by boat bottoms and the reflections cast in the water. Reflections are so interesting as they are mirrors of the actual object–and yet, they can be so different from the actual object. What is seen depends less on the object itself and more on the lenses I bring. This photograph in particular says so little about what was actually seen above. I see all sorts of fanciful creatures and wonder of the story they might tell those who take the time to see them! What do you see?


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