Tangles within Tangles

It is week two of my commitment to participating in the Weekly Challenge! It is also my second Monday in a row of no school. Last week was MLK Day and today…there are still 30 inches of snow carpeting the world around here. This week’s challenge was to ‘biggify’ (love that word!) a tangle and tangle within. I love the tangle ‘Nzeppel as it can simultaneously remind me of rocks and lace–and the pattern pieces create a whole that is so much greater than the sum of the parts. I decided to work on a round tile to give myself a larger space and for much of the project I used a silver pen as the sparkle was alluring and reminiscent of the snow outside my window.



Other tangles include: Diva Dance, Hollibaugh, Quipple, Cadent, Munchin, Tripoli, Betweed, Printemps, W2, Crescent Moon, Floo, Flux, Indy-rella, the middle of Meer, and some form of Bales without the lines or Oof without the diamonds!

4 thoughts on “Tangles within Tangles

  1. N’zepple is a great choice for a “tangles within a tangle” tile. I also like your choice to use a Mandala. (I haven’t ever worked on a black mandala tile). Your result is quite lovely.


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