Passing Time…


Today I have Jury Duty. As the clock creeps ever onward through the morning it is interesting to me how many people are sitting around me with nothing to do to pass the time. No books, computers, or paperwork with them–only cellphones and an old movie on the TV overhead. Some look to be sleeping, others just sit quietly.

I packed as if I will be here for a week or so. Books, computer, drawing supplies, phone, snacks, schoolwork, paper, and extra layers of clothes fill my backpack. I am prepared to pass this time as engaged and comfortable as possible. In fact–truth be told–I have been looking forward to spending a quiet day with relatively few demands on my attention. Fifteen dollars and a ‘get out of school free’ pass are pretty good deals for a Monday morning.

Now, I know that there is a (hopefully slim) chance that I will be called to go upstairs for juror selection, but for now… I am spending an enjoyable time of relative quiet and space to do things that the rest of my schedule does not often allow for.

The first round of 40 people was just called. My number was not in the mix. Time to pull out the drawing supplies!


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