Surprised by Zen


At the end of June I spent several days at a training in Rhode Island to become certified as a teacher of the Zentangle Method®. I walked up to the front doors of Hotel Providence on a Sunday afternoon as an artist who likes to draw patterns.

From the moment I crossed the threshold, I was completely drawn in to the world of Zentangle and the life-shifting potential of this artistic method. Every detail of the training was tended to with such intention and beauty. And this attention and presence is what we were all steeped in throughout our days in Providence. As I practice the Zentangle Method, I am cultivating a deep stillness and life philosophy that serve me at a foundational level. I look forward to sharing more about the experience in this space–and drawing others in to the experience when I begin teaching classes in the area. Check back often as I hope to offer a class this fall!

One thought on “Surprised by Zen

  1. Sounds magical. The images are enticing and mysterious. The Duende on paper, the body/soul of the artist rendered on paper.


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