Magic Carpet Ride

IMG_4387This summer, I have been going to yoga class. Every time I go I am struck by the mats. People come in and put down their mats. The floor soon resembles a quilt of sorts with rectangles of all colors. I am always reminded of kindergarten. I had a rest mat that was red on one side and blue on the other. It folded into thirds. I loved this mat–I believe it may still be in the basement. Yoga is about mindfulness and being in the moment; all this quiet sometimes encourages my mind to wander off in all sorts of directions. So, today I was reflecting on the connection between the kindergarten rest mat and the yoga mats. I loved my red and blue mat because it was a space that was all mine and represented a few moments in the day that belonged only to me as well. It was a place of rest, reflection, and an opportunity to daydream or imagine myself on a magic carpet ride to some wonderful place or time. Yoga also provides some of these same qualities–though remaining in the present moment and mindfully shifting into different poses is perhaps the desired vehicle for providing that rest and relaxation rather than just ‘nap’ time. My current mat is purple and at the end of class I roll it up and await the next magic carpet ride to myself.

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