Rocky Road

When leaving the lake this summer, we came upon this rock in the road. As with any obstacle, a choice needed to be made–go around it or move it. Sitting in the car lamenting the presence of the rock was a third option, but one that was not going to be much for moving forward. For the past week, I have been working on creating a website. There have been many rocks in the road in this process–not the least of which has been my own thinking about the process (more sitting in the car…).  I would much rather be sitting at the wheel, painting, reading a book, or using my pen to create a bit of zen. And, creating this site is important for all of those endeavors. So, I set out on that road, shook off some of the anxiety laden thoughts about my inability to do this and began–moving some rocks and navigating around others as they appeared. There are many tabs open along the top edge of the computer windows as I search for answers–and in many cases questions that will allow me to keep moving. And the site is starting to take shape. Now for the next obstacle–or shall I say opportunity–can I get this post to post?IMG_4323

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