heart feather

This feather is stuck in a small vase in the kitchen on a shelf above the sink. I am in the kitchen numerous times each day and never give it a second glance. Perhaps because it is summer and I have a different kind of time to notice things, or maybe because with a kitchen renovation project on the horizon I am more tuned in to the kitchen, today, I tuned in. And, I found a perfect heart on the end of that feather. When I was growing up I often heard the expression: ‘Pretty is as pretty does’–this was only said at times when my prettiness was quite in question. Today, I am reframing that just slightly to ‘Beauty is as beauty sees’. My mind is quick to assign labels to the objects in my line of sight–sink, vase, feather, kitchen, window. I want to practice seeing beyond the label to what is really present to be seen. For it is in those moments that a heart at the end of a feather is truly visible. Who knows where my eyes might take me if I can let go the labels and trust my vision. 

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