Lens of Inspiration

Last night I had the opportunity to attend an opening for an art show by Paula Reynolds, a local photographer. The photographs are stunning and strong. Large scale photographs of waves, inlit windows at a steel mill, and autumnal wheat and corn adorn the walls. There is much to be gained by simply walking into the room and taking in the varied images. The power in attending the opening, for me, was to hear the artist speak about her work and the under stories that are reflected in each series. The wheat fields were then transformed into a portrait of a person and a time. A context was provided which gave another dimension to these beautiful pieces. The beauty was also present in the responses of those in attendance. It was a community experience of sharing stories of how people process the events in their lives. I left inspired to continue to create artwork that answers the questions in my own life.

If you have the chance, be sure to see the show. It is at First and Franklin Presbyterian Church through December.

Photo by Paula Reynolds

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