Open to Wonder

Halloween is fast approaching and my second grade teaching partner and I have decided that in order to meet the demands of the new curriculum and standards we need to have super powers. This led to a decision to be super heroes for Halloween. Naturally, Wonder Woman was the logical choice–not only because she must be able to work wonders as a superhero, but because we often wonder how we will make it through the year with all of these new demands and obstacles. In the creation of the costumes (which is filling my need for artistic expression in this busy season), I found myself wondering what super powers were attributed to the original Wonder Woman. I learned that she is known as a skilled fighter for justice, love, and peace. One of her accessories is a ‘Lasso of Truth’ which compels anyone within her realm to be honest. She also has a tiara which can not only be used as a boomerang type weapon, but also as a means of communicating telepathically with ancient wisdom. Apparently, she even wears earrings that allow her to breathe in outer space. Perhaps she is a more fitting choice than I knew. So, I will don my costume on Thursday, and will try to carry her powers into Friday and beyond–along with my sense of wonder!

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