What’s In a Name?

Recently, people have been asking about the name Turning True Studios. As I began to entertain the prospect of opening a shop on etsy, I decided that I needed a name for my artistic endeavors. Despite the fact that pottery is what I have traditionally sold, I wanted a name that would encompass more than my work with clay. So, I thought and thought and thought some more–and then, when I stopped thinking, a name and an image dropped into my lap: Turning True Studios. I find that if I can just get out of my own way, much of what I need is waiting in the moment! Pottery requires that the clay be turned on the wheel to a place that is centered and true for a vessel to be formed, I tend to turn my canvases as I work to paint my treescapes as they do not have an obvious top or bottom,  and my alphabet rocks require being turned around to show their letters (more on those later). Studios refers to the fact that there is more than one medium in which I work. I liked that the hand and the spiral form my initials as well! 

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