New Year’s Eve…again

Unlike most people, New Year’s Eve is not a holiday that I celebrate just once a year. Sure, I  toast the ending of one calendar year and the promise held for the next as December rolls into January with everyone else, but that is not the only time of year that this happens for me. I am a teacher. In June, on the eve of summer vacation, I pack up my classroom, reflect on the accomplishments of the school year, and bid farewell to my students. And summer begins. 
Today is the next New Year’s Eve. School starts for me tomorrow. The boxes will be unpacked, the desks readied, and many of my waking hours will once again be filled with the care and feeding of second graders. It is hard to give up summer’s freedom, and  teaching is my vocation. So, with resolutions for a year of depth, wonder, and efficiency in hand I dust off my lunchbox, pick out my clothes, and pack my book bag for the adventure that this new year holds! 

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