Lightening and Lightning

Arriving home from nearly two weeks of being away brings with it a need for lightening. Many, many bags have been unloaded from the car and unpacked. The laundry is underway. A menu for the week has been planned around a need to lighten the weight from vacation eating. To assist with that plan, all of the contents of the refrigerator have had to be tossed as a result of a lightning strike which caused a problem over the weekend and lots of warm food. Fortunately, the freezer in the other room was unaffected and the house itself seems fine. So, today I restocked the fridge with choices more aligned to my lightening plan! A visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater over the weekend also speaks to a need for lightening. It is said that he didn’t like to include garages, basements, or attics in his designs as they tend to make people hold on to clutter. He often built furniture into the rooms or walls so that it could not be moved to reduce the ‘need’ to add more to what was deemed adequate in the original plan. As I reestablish myself at home this week, I hope to look around this space with an eye towards bringing additional lightness.

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