What Was I Thinking?

After posting my first entry yesterday I woke up this morning with this question: What was I thinking? A blog?? And, there is excitement about this project along with the incredulity. So, here is the thinking that supports this project: I am wanting to be more intentional with using my time to engage in art and hope that this process will facilitate both clarity and accountability, I am also opening a shop on Etsy with my pottery and hopefully some other creations and thought that a blog would be an additional way to connect with visitors to that site. It is also my wish to connect with others–not only to share what I am doing, but also to get to know what they are doing.
Poetry is often how I arrange words to know about the world. This poem written last spring speaks to this (ad)venture into the world of blogging and stepping into this space where I hope that I can both define and explore life as I know it to be.
The Key
the key 
to opening
any door
on one’s willingness
and courage
to move
is necessary
a turn 
a push
a pull
a step
the waiting
with arms full
of possibility

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